Philosophy 122

Fall 2005

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
122 Theory of Knowledge Ginsborg TuTh 12:30-2 213 Wheeler

Theory of knowledge, or epistemology, is concerned with the nature and possibility of knowledge. In this class we will consider some of the central questions that are discussed in contemporary theory of knowledge, for example the questions of what distinguishes knowledge from true belief, what considerations can justify a claim to knowledge, and what sorts of replies can be offered to skeptical arguments against the possibility of knowledge. We will be concerned in particular with empirical knowledge, and more specifically the kind of knowledge that we derive from the use of our senses (for example, the knowledge I have, when I see a blue cup, that there is a blue cup in front of me). While we will begin by reading Descartes, most of the readings will be drawn from contemporary sources.

Prerequisite: Philosophy 25B or its equivalent

Previously taught: FL04.