Philosophy 161

Spring 2024

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
161 Aristotle Clarke TuTh 11-12:30 Social Sci 56

This course is an in-depth introduction to the philosophy of Aristotle. We will study selections from each of his major works. The course divides into four units: (1) The Organon; (2) The Philosophy of Nature; (3) Metaphysics; (4) Ethics and Political Philosophy. Prerequisites: Philosophy 25A or an equivalent lower-level course in ancient Greek philosophy. Required text: Aristotle: Selections, trans. Terence Irwin and Gail Fine (Hackett, 1995).

Previously taught: SP23, SP22, SP21, SP20, SP19, SP18, SP17, FL15, FL14, SP14, SU13A, SP13, SU12A, SP10, SP08, FL05, SP04.