Philosophy 122

Spring 2024

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
122 Theory of Knowledge Yalcin TuTh 11-12:30 Wheeler 222

A relatively formal upper-division course in modern epistemology, focusing on these two questions: What makes for rational belief? What makes for knowledge? The section of the course on rational belief will be an introduction to Bayesian epistemology. We’ll ask how to formally model the belief states of rational agents; how a rational agent should update her beliefs in response to evidence; what evidence even is; and what makes a theory or hypothesis confirmed by evidence. In the section of the course on knowledge, we’ll ask how to formally model states of knowledge; how knowledge goes beyond justified belief; what empirical knowledge has to do with information; and how ascriptions of knowledge explain action. Prior completion of Philosophy 12A, and at least one other upper level philosophy course, are strongly recommended. Though a basic acquaintance with probability theory is not required, it would be helpful.

Previously taught: SU20A, FL19, SP19, SP17, SP16, FL14, FL13, SP13, FL11, FL10, FL09, FL07, SP07, FL05, FL04.