Philosophy 133

Fall 2020

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
133 Philosophy of Language Yalcin MW 6:30-8 Wheeler 102

An advanced introduction to the philosophy of language. We will consider questions like: What is distinctive of language as a system of representation and communication? In virtue of what can pieces of language be true or false? How do we model the way the meaning of a whole sentence depends on the meanings of its parts? What is information? How can we model its transfer in conversation? How does language-specific knowledge interact with general reasoning in communication and action? How do meaning and communication depend on context? What is it, in general, to know a language? What kind of limits, if any, does language place on our conception of reality?

This should not be your first or second course in philosophy. Phil 12A is strongly recommended.

Previously taught: SP20, SP19, SU18D, SP18, SP17, SP16, SP14, SU13D, FL11, FL10, FL09, SP08, SP05, SP04.