Philosophy 290-3

Spring 2004

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
290-3 Truth, Logical Consequence, and Logical Constants Mancosu Tu 4-6 TBA

The seminar is devoted to a detailed reading of Tarski’s seminal works on definability, truth, logical consequence, and logical constants. We will pursue both a reading of the Tarskian texts in their historical context as well as the systematic contemporary discussion of Tarski’s legacy with emphasis on such authors as Soames, Etchemendy, Sher and others.

Course readings: A. Tarski, Logic, Semantics. Metamathematics, Oxford UP. J. Etchemendy, The concept of Logican Consequence, 1990, Harvard UP. G. Sher, The Bounds of Logic, 1991, MIT. S. Soames, Understanding Truth, 1999, Oxford UP.