The Dennes Room

Philosophy 84

Spring 2019

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
84 Sophomore Seminar: Voting: The Logic of Democracy Holliday Tu 10:30-11:30 Moses 234

Some of the most important election results in history have turned on something most of us take for granted: the method we use to determine the election result based on voters’ preferences. In a recent election in Massachusetts, a candidate in a 10-person primary race won the election with only 21% of the votes. Is this a rational way to elect our leaders? Are there better ways? These are among the questions addressed in Social Choice Theory, an interdisciplinary field investigated by economists, philosophers, political scientists, logicians, and mathematicians. In this seminar, we will explore questions of social choice, in particular of voting theory, from a philosophical and logical perspective. No previous acquaintance with these topics will be assumed. The only prerequisite is openness to rigorous philosophical and mathematical reasoning about questions of social concern.

Previously taught: SP14.