Philosophy 190

Spring 2018

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
190 Proseminar: Epistemology Khatchirian W 10-11, F 9-11 Dwinelle 279 / Moses 234

In this seminar, we will address some central questions in epistemology and examine contemporary responses to these questions. Topics will include: Can the concept of knowledge be analyzed, or should we think of knowledge as an unexplained explainer? Is truth an epistemic goal? Is it the only fundamental epistemic goal? Does knowledge require foundations? Are there epistemic virtues, and if so, do they play a role in explaining knowledge? Is there a priori knowledge? If so, how can we explain it?

This seminar is intended for philosophy majors who have had at least two philosophy courses, and is limited to 15 students. In special cases, however, permission to take the course may be granted to non-majors.

Admission to the seminar is by instructor approval. If you are interested in taking the seminar please email me at, briefly indicating (1) if you are a philosophy major, (2) what philosophy courses you have taken, and (3) why you are interested in taking this seminar. You will be notified of your admission status by early December.

As taught this semester, Phil 190 satisfies group A of the Epistemology/Metaphysics requirement.

Previously taught: FL17, SP16, FL15, SP15, FL14, SP13.