Philosophy 190

Fall 2017

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
190 Proseminar: Themes in 20th Century German Aesthetics Kaiser M 9-12 Moses 234

A study of some central themes from 20th Century German aesthetics, focusing on works by Benjamin, Heidegger, Adorno, and other figures. Some topics to be discussed: (1) what constitutes art – from paradigm to anything goes? (2) art in its essential tension “between Avantgarde and Kitsch”; (3) art as criticism of “reality” and “understanding”; (4) art and history: truth-happening or emancipatory practice; (5) how does art “speak”? or art in language and art as language.

Course Requirements: An oral presentation and an accompanying short handout (15-20 minutes). Active participation in seminar discussions A final paper (of approximately 5,000 words)

Readings will be made available on the bCourses website before the beginning of the term.

Admission by application only: If you are interested in taking the proseminar, please write the instructor (at and briefly outline your background (the courses already taken in philosophy, including your grades, if you are willing to share them) and your current interests. Philosophy majors who are seniors and juniors will be given priority. You will be notified about admission shortly after the application deadline.

Previously taught: SP16, FL15, SP15, FL14, SP13.