Philosophy 107

Spring 2018

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
107 Moral Psychology Shun MWF 3-4 Wheeler 204

The course will examine a range of psychological phenomena related to the ethical and spiritual life of humans, drawing on both contemporary philosophical approaches and Confucian thought. Topics to be covered include: pride, modesty and humility; anger, resentment and forgiveness; compassion, empathy and sympathy; death and acceptance; purity, detachment and tranquility; as well as other selected topics. The unifying theme underlying the exploration of these topics is the idea of ‘no self’, that is, the idea that ethical self-transformation involves a move away from different forms of undue focus on the self.

This class is restricted to Philosophy majors during Phase I enrollment.

Previously taught: SP17, SP15, SU09D, FL07, SP05.