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Further education: Master's in Critical Pedagogy

Favorite courses at Berkeley: Heidegger, Hume, Ethical Theories, Ancient... I'm sure there are others!

Favorite professors: Michael Martin, Timothy Crockett, Katharina Kaiser, Hans Sluga, R. Jay Wallace

How has your philosophical training influenced your life and career? With philosophy, I feel as though I'm continually caught in a trance of worldly wonder. There is so much that I don't know, things I will never know (like how to pay off student loans!), and so much to be gained through the pursuit itself. I thank philosophy for its ability to consistently illuminate my life and place into new light that which is often ordinary.

Any current engagement with philosophy? I am currently completing a master's program in critical pedagogy, which requires continued study of critical theory and the Frankfurt School of thought. But I think most of my engagement with philosophy is an informal re-engagement with previous books, papers, and intellectual figures!


Further education: I want more; keep getting distracted by adventures and ponies.

Favorite courses at Berkeley: too many

Favorite professors: too many

How has your philosophical training influenced your life and career? Oh, philosophy changed everything. I went from being valued solely for my physical labor to realizing I was capable of sound thinking that was worthy of being communicated.

Any current engagement with philosophy? Informally, lots of reading and listening to zoom lectures.