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Forrest Ponsot

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Forrest Ponsot
BA 2020
English Teacher

Further education Master's in Critical Pedagogy

Favorite courses at Berkeley Heidegger, Hume, Ethical Theories, Ancient... I'm sure there are others!

Favorite professors Michael Martin, Timothy Crockett, Katharina Kaiser, Hans Sluga, R. Jay Wallace

How has your philosophical training influenced your life and career? With philosophy, I feel as though I'm continually caught in a trance of worldly wonder. There is so much that I don't know, things I will never know (like how to pay off student loans!), and so much to be gained through the pursuit itself. I thank philosophy for its ability to consistently illuminate my life and place into new light that which is often ordinary.

Any current engagement with philosophy? I am currently completing a master's program in critical pedagogy, which requires continued study of critical theory and the Frankfurt School of thought. But I think most of my engagement with philosophy is an informal re-engagement with previous books, papers, and intellectual figures!


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