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Hunan Rostomyan

Hunan Rostomyan
BA 2013
Programmer ("Senior Machine Learning Engineer")

Further education Some Coursera, Udacity courses. Reading books, listening to podcasts, etc.

Favorite courses at Berkeley Oh so many. I didn't do uniformly well in these, but Mancosu's intermediate logic, MacFarlane's philosophical logic, Yalcin's form and meaning, Holliday's modal logic, Skokowski's philosophy of science were some of my favorites. It all started with Roush's intro to logic where I realized I love logic

Favorite professors Holliday, MacFarlane, Mancosu, Sluga, Roush, Buchak, among others. Also had so many great PhD students who've helped and inspired me: Justin Bledin, Justin Vlasits, Richard Lawrence, Tamar Lando, among many others.

How has your philosophical training influenced your life and career? I like to think because of my training in philosophy I'm able to put myself in different contexts, understand the assumptions, think about possibilities. Validity is what has always interested me, whether something follows from assumptions. Truth is important, but not as interesting to me. I care about people and their stories and experiences, even if they don't entirely match reality.

Any current engagement with philosophy? I have not



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