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Erick Bautista

Further education: Certificates in Data Science and Project Management

Favorite courses at Berkeley: 12A Intro to Logic Intro to Modal Reasoning Intermediate Logic Plato

Favorite professors: Holliday and Mancosu

How has your philosophical training influenced your life and career? I view business and management as applied philosophy. Profits are a logical consequence of having the right systems in place. Business is also fundamentally normative. Ethical dilemmas left and right. The logic and critical thinking skills I learned through the philosophy program play a major role in how I view the world and live my life. I'm till searching for Eudaimonia.

Any current engagement with philosophy? I still pursue self study on a regular basis. I usually have a philosophical book or two open at any given time. Since graduating, I have taught my self Python and how to manage a portfolio of ETFs/stocks.


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