John Campbell’s Advisees

Dissertations in progress

Austin Andrews Transparency in Perception
Adam Bradley
James Hutchinson Frege on the Basic Laws of Logic
Jackson Kernion
Alex Kerr
Antonia Peacocke

Berkeley dissertations advised, 1997–present

2015 Katrina Winzeler Theories of Mental Disorders Remain Scientific in Spite of Both the Absence of Reductive Explanations and the Presence of Interventional Mental Autonomy
2014 Luke Misenheimer The Publicity of Concepts
2013 Michael Rieppel Being Something: Prospects for a Property-Based Approach to Predicative Quantification
2012 Joshua Beattie Evolutionary Naturalism and the Normativity of the Mental
2011 James Stazicker Visual Attention as a Source of Knowledge
2009 James Genone Appearance as Reality: Direct Realism and Perceptual Error
2009 Josh Sheptow Coordination and Exclusion: Two Problems of Mental Causation
2009 Jennifer Smalligan Explanation and Belief in David Hume’s A Treatise of Human Nature
2009 John Schwenkler Space and Self-Awareness