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New Crop Prize winners 2016

This year’s New Crop Prize winners were

  1. Taylor Madign, “Expected Utility Theory and Evolution”
  2. Ryan Ravanpak, “The Limits of Frankfurt Style Counterexamples”
  3. Matthew Lee, “Temporal Semantics for Counterfactuals”

Runners-up were Joseph Martinez (“Compatibilism and Manipulation”) and Bryan Knittle (“Towards a Phenomenology of Stoic Philosophy”).

The entries were judged by Professor Ernest Sosa from Rutgers University, who also ran a special seminar for our undergraduate majors. Thanks to Professor Sosa and to the donors who made this prize possible.

Peter Epstein wins Fink Prize

Congratulations to Peter Epstein, the winner of the Department’s 2016 Fink Prize in Philosophy for his paper “Shape Perception in a Relativistic Universe.”

Janet Broughton wins Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Janet Broughton, who, with Bob Jacobsen, will receive the 2016 Berkeley Faculty Service Award. The award honors members of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate who have given outstanding and dedicated service to the University.

Dylan Murray wins New Directions Fellowship

Our third New Directions Fellow will be Dylan Murray. He will use the fellowship to take graduate courses in sociology, under the guidance of David Harding, an expert on urban inequality and poverty. Murray hopes to bring empirical work in sociology to bear on his philosophical work on moral responsibility and blameworthiness. As he notes, although many philosophers have argued about the extent to which culture and socialization can affect moral responsibility, their arguments are typically light on the empirical details. He sees great potential for productive interchange between philosophers and sociologists working on similar issues.