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Events this week

Mon Apr 20, 2015
Howison Library — 12 pm
New Crop Event
Daniel Dennett (Tufts University)
New Crop Seminar
Tue Apr 21, 2015
Howison Library — 4 pm
New Crop Event
Daniel Dennett (Tufts University)
New Crop Awards Ceremony
Wed Apr 22, 2015
234 Moses Hall — 6 pm
Working Group in HPLMS
Kerry McKenzie (UC San Diego)
In No Categorical Terms: Symmetries as a new route to Humeanism about Fundamental Laws
Fri Apr 24, 2015
234 Moses Hall — 4 pm
Meaning Sciences Club
Zoltan Szabo (Yale)
Semantic Explanations


Rachel Rudolph wins New Directions Fellowship

Our second New Directions Fellow will be Rachel Rudolph. She will use the fellowship to take graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in linguistics, under the guidance of Line Mikkelsen. She hopes that her study of the syntax and semantics of evaluative and experiential predicates, and of relevant issues in psycholinguistics and comparative linguistics, will help illuminate philosophical issues about ethical language.