Fink Prize

“The William H. Fink Prize in Philosophy provides assistance to deserving graduate students with expressed majors in philosophy enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley. The Prize was established to encourage top quality philosophical research and writing on the part of the philosophy graduate students.”

Recent Fink Prize Winners

Year Winner Title
2017 Antonia Peacocke How do you know when you know yourself well?
2016 Peter Epstein Shape Perception in a Relativistic Universe
2015 Jeff Kaplan The Internal Point of View
2014 Alex Kerr Perspective & Spatial Experience
2013 Ethan Jerzak Non-Classical Knowledge
2012 Ethan Jerzak Liars, Propositions, & Contexts
2011 Mike Caie Doxastic Indeterminacy
2010 Andy Engen The Reactive Sentiments & the Justification of Punishment
2009 James Stazicker Attention, Visual Consciousness, & Indeterminacy
2009 George Tsai Liberal Universalism & How We Understand the Past
2008 John Schwenkler Space, Objects, and Object-Spaces: Rethinking a priority
2007 Markus Kohl Substancehood & Subjecthood in Aristotle’s Categories
2006 Kristina Gehrman Phronesis and Absorbed Coping: Is Practical Excellence in the Space of Reasons
2006 Berislav Marusic Self-Knowledge Gambit
2005 Mike Titelbaum When are Indexical Beliefs Relevant?
2004 No Winner
2003 Suzanne Obdrzalek Living in Doubt: Carneades’ Pithanon Reconsidered
2002 Peter Hanks
2001 Elizabeth Camp
2001 Eddie Cushman