Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Graduate Conference (2010)

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

The graduate students of the Berkeley, Stanford, and Davis philosophy departments welcome the broader philosophical community to our annual conference, dedicated to the presentation and discussion of promising graduate work in California.

This year the conference will take place on the Berkeley campus, in the department's facilities in Moses Hall. During each session, three concurrent presentations will take place in 301 Moses, Howison Library, and the Dennes Room. Comments and a discussion period will follow. Professor Barry Stroud, of Berkeley philosophy, will deliver the keynote address.

We welcome attendees to a complimentary breakfast and lunch in 301 Moses Hall between sessions, as well as drinks after the conference at Jupiter in downtown Berkeley.


9:00-10:00 Breakfast provided in 301 Moses Hall
10:00-11:10 Session 1

301 Moses
"Masters and Saints: The Significance of William James' Uncharitable Reading of Nietzsche"
Lucas McGranahan, Santa Cruz

The Dennes Room
"Contrastive Semantics for Deontic Modals"
Justin Snedegar, USC

Howison Library
"Burge's Contextual Theory of Truth and the Liar Paradox"
Matt Leonard, CSU-LA
11:20-12:30 Session 2

301 Moses
"Plato on Popular Entertainment and the Psyche"
Sarah Jansen, UCLA

The Dennes Room
"Are All Favourers Reasons?"
Benjamin Kiesewetter, Berkeley

Howison Library
"If 'Attention Alters Appearance,' Do we Know What the World is Really Like?"
James Stazicker, Berkeley
12:30-1:30 Lunch provided in 301 Moses Hall
1:30-2:50 Keynote Address - Prof. Barry Stroud
Howison Library
3:00-4:10 Session 3

301 Moses
"The Problem of Being Good to Someone"
Robert Shanklin, USC

The Dennes Room
"Hybrid Expressivism, Slurs and Jerks"
Ryan Hay, USC

Howison Library
"Can Bayesian Tools Solve the Problem of Radical Interpretation?"
Ben Lennertz, USC
4:20-5:30 Session 4

301 Moses
"Blame and Forfeiture"
Andy Engen, Berkeley

The Dennes Room
"How to Try Without Intending"
Brandon Johns, USC

Howison Library
"Talking About Continuants"
Donovan Wishon, Stanford
6:30 Drinks at Jupiter

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