The Dennes Room

Information for Visiting Speakers

###Before your visit to UC Berkeley Once you have booked your flight please inform your host of the date and time of your arrival, and provide a copy of your itinerary. Before your visit, your host or the department manager will contact you to inquire about your travel plans and itinerary to book accommodations, if needed. Please communicate to us the title of your lecture, handouts (if available) and audio visual needs.

###Reimbursable Expenses Travel related expenses are reimbursable and include:

*Lodging needed for your UC Berkeley visit.

*Transportation: coach airfare, transportation to and from airport (taxis, shuttles)

###Reimbursement Policy In order to process your reimbursement the department needs original receipts submitted with your Travel Reimbursement Request form. Airfare receipts should be submitted with a boarding pass with ticket price shown, or receipt which contains both price and method of payment. If we are reimbursing you for lodging expenses please submit a hotel bill showing a zero balance due.

During your stay at Berkeley or soon after you have completed your trip (preferably within 15 days after trip completion) please send us your completed travel reimbursement request with original receipts. A travel report will be prepared in the department and faxed or directly e-mailed to you for certification of expenses. The report must have your signature in order to be processed and we must receive it promptly by fax or scanned copy. Our mailing address and contact information is:

Philosophy Department
UC Berkeley
314 Moses Hall MC 2390
Berkeley, CA 94720
Tel: 510-642-2722
Fax: 510-642-4164

###Non-U.S. residents or Foreign Nationals If you are a non-U.S. resident or foreign national and will be receiving an honorarium or reimbursement for travel expenses you must do the following to receive payment:

  1. Provide the Philosophy Department Office (314 Moses Hall) with copies of your passport and U.S. entry visa.

  2. Contact the department manager: to receive an initial “Glacier Tax Information form” which you will use to submit tax information required for payment. Information about using the on-line Glacier Tax Information System can be found at: GLACIER Information

We prefer these items to be completed while you are at UC Berkeley, in case you have any questions and to have them on file for faster processing of your reimbursement or honorarium payment. We cannot process a wire transfer of money; you will be paid via check in U.S. dollars.