Philosophy 290-5

Spring 2014

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
290-5 Graduate Seminar: Conditions of Thought Stroud Tu 4-6 234 Moses

An open-ended discussion-seminar exploring some necessary conditions of thought and some epistemological and metaphysical consequences of those conditions’ being fulfilled. Areas of discussion, with special attention to the connections between them, include: awareness, discrimination, and the possession of concepts; predication, propositional thought, and the unity of judgement; assent, belief, inference, and recognition of reasons; belief, understanding, intention, and a capacity for propositonal thought; predicational competence and perceptual knowledge; conditions of self- and other-ascription of attitudes; self-consciousness, self-knowledge, and recognition of reasons.

No week-by-week agenda fixed in advance. I welcome presentations by participants on topics in these or related areas.