Philosophy 290-4

Fall 2013

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
290-4 Graduate Seminar: Time, Experience, and Mental Representation Lee M 2-4 234 Moses

The main topic for this seminar is the experience of time, and also the mental representation of time more generally. We’ll talk about subjective duration, including empirical models of psychological timing; extensionalism and retensionalism about temporal experience; the flow of time, and the continuity and unity over time of experience. The seminar will begin with an opinionated overview of some more general issues about experience and mental representation which will be relevant, including: quality spaces and phenomenal properties, internalist vs externalist views of experience, different views of computational explanation and mental representation.

Note for those of you who attended my Unity and Temporal Experience seminar : I’ll try to minimize the overlap in content with this seminar, although inevitably there will be at least some.