Philosophy 181

Spring 2013

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
181 Hegel Gabriel MWF 2-3 100 Wheeler

In this course we will examine arguments from the most important texts by Hegel. In particularly, our focus will be on the epistemological and metaphysical topics in the Phenomenology of Spirit and in the Science of Logic. However, we will also discuss some aspects of Hegel’s practical philosophy, in particular the theory of action in the Philosophy of Right. Topics will include: the relationship of epistemology to skepticism, the contrast between self-consciousness and self-knowledge, Hegel’s concept of truth, and Hegel’s theory of action. No prior knowledge of Hegel is required.

Texts: There will be a reader with texts by Hegel and some recent secondary literature. Recommended introductions: Peter Singer: Hegel: A Very Short Introduction. OUP 2001; Frederick Beiser: Hegel. Routledge 2005.

Previously taught: SU11D.