Philosophy 290-2

Spring 2010

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
290-2 Graduate Seminar: Recent Topics in Epistemology: Logic, Formal Methods, and Epistemology Fitelson Tu 2-4 2523 Tolman Hall

In this seminar, we will cover various “hot topics” in contemporary epistemology. The main focus/theme of the seminar will be on the (epistemic) normative status of logic and formal methods (e.g., the epistemic-normative role of deductive logic, and similar questions for various “inductive logical” frameworks). Other topics will include the nature of evidence (e.g., is evidence factive and can there be “knowledge from falsehood”?), coherence requirements (e.g., is coherence a requirement of epistemic rationality?), and full vs partial belief as a foundation for epistemology (e.g., “probabilism” and other non-traditional frameworks for epistemology, as opposed to traditional “full belief” approaches). We will have various guest presenters throughout the term, including Jim Joyce (Michigan), Jonathan Weisberg (Toronto), Matt Kotzen (UNC), and our own Roush, Kolodny, and Buchak.