Philosophy 3

Summer 2008 Session D

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
3 Nature of Mind Parrott MTuWTh 12-2 209 Dwinelle

This course serves as an introduction to philosophical thinking by focusing in particular on philosophical questions concerning minds. We will attempt to better understand what it is involved in being an animal with mental states. Some of the questions we will be thinking about include the following: What are mental states? In what way do we know about the minds of other people? How do we know what we are thinking? What are unconscious mental states? We will also consider some philosophical questions about specific kinds of mental states including wanting, believing, feeling pain, and loving.

Previously taught: SU08A, FL07, SU07A, SP07, FL06, SU06D, SP06, SU05D, SU05A, SP05, SP04.