Philosophy 290-2

Spring 2007

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
290-2 Graduate Seminar: Aristotle’s Biology Code F 2-4 203 Wheeler

In this seminar we will investigate the philosophical foundations of Aristotle’s biology. After considering the place of biology in Aristotle’s philosophy of nature we will look at specific issues concerning the stuctures involved in biological inquiry and explanation with particular emphasis on the connection between data and theory, and the role of final causes (teleology) in biological explanation. We will the consider some of the key metaphysical concepts that are presupposed by his explanatory and definitional practices in biology, including the nature and role of essentialism and natural kinds.


Philosophical Issues in Aristotle’s Biology (Paperback) by Allan Gotthelf (Editor), James G. Lennox (Editor) Publisher: Cambridge University Press (October 30,1987) ISBN: 0521310911