Philosophy 290-1

Fall 2003

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
290-1 Egalitarianism Scheffler TBA TBA

This seminar will examine recent debates within political philosophy about equality and egalitarianism. Topics to be considered may include: equality vs. sufficiency, equality vs. priority, the “currency” of egalitarian justice, the “site” of distributive justice, the division of moral labor, incentives and inequality, the need for an “egalitarian ethos,” equality and luck, equality as a social and political ideal. Readings will be drawn from the work of various contemporary philosophers, including some or all of the following: Elizabeth Anderson, Richard Arneson, Brian Barry, G.A. Cohen, Joshua Cohen, Ronald Dworkin, David Estlund, Harry Frankfurt, Timothy Hinton, Will Kymlicka, Liam Murphy, Thomas Nagel, Derek Parfit, Thomas Pogge, John Rawls, John Roemer, Amartya Sen, Seana Shiffrin, Andrew Williams, and Jonathan Wolff.