Philosophy 290-3

Spring 2022

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
290-3 Graduate Seminar: Thought, Character, and Action in Aristotle Clarke Tu 2-4 Moses 234

In his ethics Aristotle distinguishes two kinds of virtue relevant to eudaimonia – ethical virtue and intellectual virtue. The topic of this seminar is the psychology that underlies this distinction. Our aim will be to try to understand the respective roles of character and practical reason in Aristotle’s theory of action. Primary readings will be drawn from the Nicomachean and the Eudemian Ethics; we will also look at a range of contemporary secondary literature on the topic.

All classes at Berkeley this semester are meeting online for the first two weeks of the semester. Anyone currently enrolled, or wishing to attend to the first meeting of this seminar with the intention of possibly auditing or enrolling, is welcome to attend the first meeting using this Zoom link:

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