The Dennes Room

Philosophy 290-7

Spring 2004

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
290-7 Wittgenstein Hursthouse W 2-4 TBA

The course will consist of a very close reading and extended discussion of the Philosophical Investigations which will be conducted in the following way. Students will read a certain number of pages of the PI each week, beginning the week before lectures start, and send a one page summary to a mailing list. If (and only if) these are received by the Monday, I will write comments on them. Everyone will read each others’ summaries before we meet and be expected to contribute to discussion of the pages covered. Students are advised to read the whole work before the beginning of semester to prepare for the class, but to avoid all secondary literature.

Course readings: Philosophical Investigations , Ludwig Wittgenstein, Blackwell, 3rd edition (NB) paperback.

Recommended text: Adam’s Task byVicki Hearne.