Philosophy 210-2

Spring 2006

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
LAW 210-2 Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory Scheffler/Rakowski Tu 2:20-4:10, Th 1-4 123 Boalt (Tu), JSP Seminar Room 2240 Piedmont Ave. (Th)

The Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory provides an opportunity for students to engage with the work of leading scholars in moral, legal, and political theory. Each week a different visitor will offer for the seminar’s evaluation a manuscript of work in progress. This year’s speakers, in order of appearance, are Meir Dan-Cohen, Charles Beitz, Lawrence Sager, Kent Greenawalt, Tommie Shelby, Rae Langton, Hans Sluga, Wendy Brown, Ian Shapiro, Philip Pettit, Julie Tannenbaum, and Ruth Chang. On Tuesdays from 2:20-4:10, students enrolled in the seminar will meet with Professors Scheffler and Rakowski, without the visitor present, to discuss the week’s manuscript. Students will be asked to write short papers for these sessions assessing the weekly manuscripts. On Thursdays from 1:00 to 4:00, each visitor will present his or her work to the class. The Thursday meetings are open to the campus community.