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Eric Wasiolek
BA 1984
Retired from Computer Industry -- Systems Engineering/Product Management

Further education Masters Thesis Computational Biology Stanford, 2008 Master of Science, Cal State East Bay, Computational Biology 2008 MBA Cal State East Bay 2011 Doctorate in Computer Science, Colorado Technical University 2018

Favorite courses at Berkeley Philosophy of Mind. I am particularly interested in the Mind/Body problem or problem of psychophysical reduction and reductionism in science in general.

Favorite professors Searle. I took Philosophy of Mind with him where he taught his book on Intentionality. Klaus Strelau, a Philosophy PhD student who became my friend and mentor.

How has your philosophical training influenced your life and career? Philosophy taught me how to think rigorously and systematically on any topic. Hence it was useful in learning and mastering computer software and hardware systems (as well as a year of Symbolic Logic). Rigorous writing skills allowed me to publish many articles in Computer Magazines.

Any current engagement with philosophy? Not formally. Continue to write my Philosophical Papers on a wide range of philosophical topics. See my website for sample writings.