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Ann Ravel
BA 1970
Attorney (RAVEL LAW, Mediation and Counseling), Expert Witness

Further education Law Degree, Advanced courses in Mediation, and Negotiation

Favorite courses at Berkeley While I must admit that I don't remember the exact courses I took, I know that I cared deeply about logic, political philosophy, ethics, Wittgenstein, and phenomenology.

Favorite professors I can't recall most of my professors, but I remember John Searle as a favorite.

How has your philosophical training influenced your life and career? My Philosophical training was the best foundation that I could have to understand the law and ethics. I have been very involved in the highest levels of government, including as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Obama administration, the Chair of the Federal Election Commission, and the Chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission. Philosophy made me aware of the importance of various ethical issues as well as the importance of analysis of issues and the ability to think about issues in new ways.

Any current engagement with philosophy? I have continued the study of philosophy by revisiting many of the books that I read as a student.