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Further education MBA, MAI Designation, Appraisal Institute, Real Estate Broker's License

Favorite courses at Berkeley I enjoyed Philosophy of Religion and Politics, Ethics and Aesthetics. I developed a lifelong interest in Existentialism and the quest for issues of right and wrong, good and evil on the bedrock of random chance.

How has your philosophical training influenced your life and career? The Philosophy Program had a great deal of influence on my world views. In brief, it opened my mind to a willingness to question and to learn. It provided a measure of discipline for my curiosity. With fresh eyes, I looked at others' beliefs as well as my personal, core choices. I learned to define meaningful questions for many applications regardless of subject. I would suggest that selected classes in philosophy be a requirement for graduation. Philosophy courses became a foundation for my spiritual atheism and the exploration of chance and Existentialism as a state of nature.

Any current engagement with philosophy? My love of philosophy will be with me until I die. As a member of the Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society, I plan on supporting the Philosophy Department after my death. I continue reading and discussing philosophical issues with several book clubs. It is a pleasure and delight to share ideas with others.