Hannah Ginsborg’s Advisees

Dissertations in progress

Randall Amano
Jeremy Carey Reason, Desire, and the Will: In Defense of a Tripartite Moral Psychology
Caitlin Dolan
Jeffrey Kaplan
Erica Klempner
Richard Lawrence
Umrao Sethi Perception and the Dual Nature of Appearances

Berkeley dissertations advised, 1997–present

2016 Eugene Chislenko Intention and Normative Belief
2015 Janum Sethi Kant on Subjectivity and Self-consciousness
2014 Arpy Khatchirian Substantive Truth and Knowledge of Meaning
2012 Markus Kohl Kant on Freedom, Nature and Normativity
2006 David Berger Kant’s Distinction Between the Beautiful and the Agreeable
2005 Shoshana Smith Clear and Distinct Perception in Descartes’ Philosophy
2004 Tim Crockett Leibniz on Shape and the Reality of Body
2001 Jason Bridges Locating Thought: Externalism & Naturalism about Mental Content
1998 Andrew Carpenter Kant’s Earliest Solution to the Mind/Body Problem