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Blake Harper


(B.A., summa cum laude with highest honors in Philosophy and Religious Studies, Middlebury College, 2015). Blake’s main interests are in the philosophy of mind, particularly the philosophy of artificial intelligence, philosophy of biology, epistemology and metaphysics.

Currently, I am thinking about transcendental arguments, Fitch’s Paradox, rule-following, the status of information-theoretic explanations in molecular biology, fitting-attitude theories of value, and what, if anything, about the nature of mind can be gleaned from the increasing success of machine-learning technologies. My B.A. honors thesis in philosophy argued that epistemological disjunctivism is insufficiently anti-skeptical unless buttressed by a transcendental argument, and my thesis in religious studies argued for a “resolute” reading of Wittgenstein’s remarks on the peculiar status of religious language. I still stand by those views.

When I’m not doing philosophy, I write code and race in collegiate triathlons for the UC Berkeley Triathlon team. And when I’m not doing those things I like to think about disruptive technologies, trends in American economic growth, and the future of higher education.