Kwong-loi Shun

Professor, Recalled

Office: Moses 242
Office hours: W 4-5, F 4-5

Courses for Fall 2015: Confucius for Today

(B. Phil., University of Oxford; Ph.D., Stanford University). He taught at Berkeley from 1986 to 2003 before moving to the University of Toronto and then the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has returned to Berkeley to teach one course each semester starting spring 2014. His main research is in moral psychology and Confucian ethics, and he is currently working on a multivolume project on Confucian ethics. The first volume, Mencius and Early Chinese Thought, was published by Stanford University Press in 1997. A manuscript of the second volume, Zhu Xi and Later Confucian Thought, is under revision, and the third volume, From Philology to Philosophy, is close to completion. The fourth volume, On Self and Self Transformation, will discuss a central theme in Confucian moral psychology, while the fifth volume, A Study in Confucian Ethics, will provide a primarily philosophical discussion of Confucian ethics.