Kwong-loi Shun [home page]

Professor, Recalled

Office: Moses 242
Office hours: Tu 3:45-5:45

Courses for Fall 2017: Chinese Philosophy

(B. Phil., University of Oxford; Ph.D., Stanford University). Kwong-loi Shun specializes in Chinese philosophy and moral psychology, and has published textual and philological studies as well as philosophical discussions of themes in Confucian ethics. He is author of Mencius and Early Chinese Thought (Stanford UP, 1997) and co-editor of Confucian Ethics – A Comparative Study of Self, Autonomy and Community (Cambridge UP, 2004), and has published numerous articles on Confucian thought. He is currently working on a book on later Confucianism, with focus on Zhu Xi, Wang Yangming and Dai Zhen, and a book on methodological issues in the transition from philological to philosophical studies of Chinese thought.

Shun was Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the Undergraduate Division in the College of Letters & Science when he left Berkeley in 2004. Before returning to Berkeley in 2014, he was Head of New Asia College (founded by Confucian scholars Qian Mu and Tang Junyi to promote Chinese culture) and Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He currently sits on the editorial or advisory boards of several journals and publications. He teaches two courses a year, primarily on Chinese philosophy and moral psychology, and devotes the rest of his time to researching and promoting the philosophical study of Confucian thought.