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Antonia Peacocke

Dissertation advisors: John Campbell and Barry Stroud

Antonia thinks about mind, knowledge, and literature. See her home page.


Antonia’s dissertation is about self-knowledge. You know your own mind because much of your mental life is literally your doing: you can intentionally (and thus knowingly) figure out what’s true, entertain a hypothesis, decide what to do, and so forth. Your purpose in performing certain mental actions can allow them to play double duty: for instance, a judgment that p can also be a self-attribution of a belief that p. This picture of mental action illuminates the transparency of belief, intention, and other attitudes; it provides solutions to several versions of Moore’s paradox; and it suggests that robust self-knowledge is a mark of, rather than a means to, a meaningful kind of authenticity.

You can find Antonia’s paper “Embedded mental action in self-attribution of belief” in Philosophical Studies.


Antonia is currently taking a semester on fellowship.

She will be a GSI for Aesthetics in Summer Session D, and she will be a GSI for Metaphysics in Fall 2017.

Antonia has taught for Philosophy 119: Feminism and Philosophy, for Philosophy 3: The Nature of Mind, for Philosophy 100: Philosophical Methods, for Phil 12A: Introduction to Logic, and for L&S 22: Sense and Sensibility and Science.

Curriculum Vitae

You can find Antonia’s CV here.