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Antonia Peacocke

Dissertation advisors: John Campbell and Barry Stroud

Antonia works in philosophy of mind, epistemology, aesthetics, and metaphysics. Her main research project focuses on questions that connect first-personal agency with foundations of knowledge and self-knowledge. What can you do to figure out what you believe? Do you need to know what you believe in order to change your beliefs in rational ways?


Antonia is currently writing about the conditions of epistemic responsibility. In order to be held responsible for your beliefs—as indeed you are—do you need to know what you believe? Not exactly. But you do need to have available to you a mental action, the action of judgment, by which you could revise your beliefs. For this reason, truly passive beings cannot be epistemically responsible. And so they cannot be believers at all.

You can find Antonia’s paper “Embedded mental action in self-attribution of belief” in Philosophical Studies.


Antonia is currently taking a semester on fellowship.

Antonia has taught for Philosophy 119: Feminism and Philosophy, for Philosophy 3: The Nature of Mind, for Philosophy 100: Philosophical Methods, for Phil 12A: Introduction to Logic, and for L&S 22: Sense and Sensibility and Science.

Curriculum Vitae

You can find Antonia’s CV here.