Welcome Back

It is always a pleasure at this time of year to welcome to our community a new group of students, faculty, and visitors.

There are seven students who will be beginning their graduate work in our Department this Fall: Jeremy Carey (Florida State); Eugene Chislenko (Harvard); Erich Matthes (Yale); Luke Misenheimer (University of North Carolina); Janum Sethi (Yale); David Sidi (University of Arizona); and Stephen Thurman (Brown). We wish them every success in their graduate studies and beyond.

Several distinguished teachers and scholars are returning to Berkeley for visits this Fall:

  • Mike Martin and Véronique Munoz-Dardé from University College, London, are once again in residence as Mills Visiting Professors for the Fall semester. Prof. Martin will be teaching Philosophy 132 and a graduate seminar on Appearance and Expression; Prof. Munoz-Dardé is offering an upper-division seminar in political philosophy and a graduate seminar on Rawls’s Theory of Justice.

  • Dorothea Frede returns this year as Mills Visiting Professor; she is teaching a graduate seminar on Plato’s Sophist in the Fall, and Philosophy 161 in the Spring.

  • Michael Ayers from the University of Oxford joins us this Fall as well; he will be teaching Philosophy 174, “Locke”, and a graduate seminar.

  • David Ebrey, who made frequent visits to Berkeley while a graduate student at UCLA, holds a Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Department starting this semester. He will be in residence for two years, teaching one course each semester; this Fall he is offering Philosophy 160, “Plato”.

We are looking forward to additional visits in the Spring semester from Rolf-Peter Horstmann (Berlin) and Marleen Rozemond (Toronto).

The Berkeley Philosophy Department regularly attracts a large group of visiting scholars from around the world, who join us for shorter or longer periods, and contribute substantially to making ours a more cosmopolitan and stimulating community. This Fall’s new visitors include Gordian Haas (Germany), Paul Studtmann (USA), Matt Wolf (USA), Frederick Eberhardt (Germany), Joshua Glasgow (New Zealand), Alan Fenster (USA), Kristin Irwin (USA), Brice Halimi (France), Kevin Scharp (USA), Naozumi Mitani (Japan), Mattia Gallotti (Italy), Joel Anderson (The Netherlands), and Lisa Bortolotti (Italy).

We are very happy to report that our colleague Branden Fitelson has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure in our Department. He is a scholar and teacher of tremendous energy and commitment, and we congratulate him on his impressive record of teaching, publication, and professional activity.

In other faculty news, Alva Noë will be on leave for the whole academic year at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. We are also proud to announce that his book Action in Perception was recently awarded honorable mention in the biennial Book Prize competition of the American Philosophical Association.

John Searle and Barry Stroud are on leave during the Fall semester, and John Campbell and Sherri Roush will be on leave in the Spring. Sam Scheffler returns from a sabbatical year in New York; I am sad to have to add that this will be his last year in our Department.

We have, as always, a very lively program of philosophical events scheduled for the coming year, including a Townsend Visit by Hilary Putnam, a Howison Lecture by Fred Dretske, a George Myro Memorial Lecture by Stewart Shapiro, and many talks and colloquia by distinguished philosophers from the US and abroad. Detailed information and updates are available on the events section of our website.

R. Jay Wallace, Department Chair

August 25, 2007